Big Update on Daniel Bryan Being Cleared & His WrestleMania Plans

The biggest news thus far this year came out on Tuesday afternoon and that is the fact that WWE doctors have finally cleared WWE SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan to return to in-ring action.

Dave Meltzer appeared on Wrestling Observer Live (courtesy of Ringside News) today to give some more details about Bryan being cleared.

Bryan went to Dr. Maroon to find out what he needed to do to get cleared by the sports entertainment company. This led Maroon giving him a list of doctors he needed to see to be cleared. This led to him visiting with several doctors including at the University of Michigan a month ago. This is where he was cleared.

Moving along, Meltzer has heard that the word going around at Monday’s Raw TV event that Bryan was cleared and it’s possible he was cleared as recently as yesterday. The big thing to focus on is the fact that Bryan is cleared to wrestle as much as he wants or as much WWE needs him to wrestle.

Now, the plan is for Bryan to team up with Shane McMahon to take on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a Tag Team Match at WrestleMania 34.

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  1. nitesh says:

    Amazing news! Very excited for his return..


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